Built with productivity in mind, the Barko 930 industrial tractor is powered by a 305-horsepower engine. Featuring sound-insulated cab and excellent visibility, the 930 powers through tough work smoothly and efficiently. The 930 is powered by a 305-HP Cummins QSC8.3 Tier 3 diesel engine. The unit includes a high-capacity anti-clog radiator with auto reversing fan. Unlike open loop systems that waste fuel, Barko’s load sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts attachment performance according to the load, resulting in greater productivity and higher efficiency. A high-pressure 20 micron return filter helps prevent debris from damaging pumps and valves. The 930 offers tinted Lexan glass on all windows. An air knife system keeps the front windshield clear of debris. A total of 9 mounted cab lights provide enhanced visibility around the machine.



Designed to power through the toughest of jobs, this heavy duty machine is built with up to 650 horsepower dedicated to the cutter head. This is the most powerful system available for excavators. Utilizing state of the art hydraulics, coupled with massive drive components, the S-Series delivers more torque to the cutter head than even the most powerful earlier models.What this means is that there is a blazing recovery times (1.28 seconds from a dead stop to full speed) and brute torque (25,000+ inch pounds) to drive the cutter through the toughest wood at amazing speed. Mounted on the new zero tailswing/reduced tailswing machines, the S-Series of grinders delivers big power in a neat, compact package. The S-Series Cutter System brings extreme torque and extreme productivity.

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