In February of 2010, South East Mowing began as a family owned and operated business. David Cooper Sr. had been in the Right of Way business for 30 years, and his son, Dustin Cooper, wanted to continue doing what he had known his entire life. Today, South East Mowing has over 45 employees and uses equipment with a total worth of 2.7 million dollars.

At South East Mowing, we take great pride in our work. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of Vegetative Maintenance and Right of Way services through safety, teamwork, and partnership. Like everything we do, our vision is client-centric. We strive for a long-term, reliable, professional and highly productive organization.


Owner of South East Mowing, LLC, serves as the Director of Operations and has provided exemplary leadership to the company. Mr. Dustin Cooper received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from East Tennessee State University in December 2014. Mr. Cooper has been involved in the vegetative maintenance and disaster recovery industries since 2010. He over sees all business operations and ensures that the firm is following the course to the long-term success he envisions. He has developed and implemented a quality management strategy plan, including resource, systems, time scales, and financial information to support, contribute to, and integrate within, the organization’s annual business plan and long term strategy. He establishes, coordinates, and monitors the South East Mowing, LLC Quality Control Plan; works with key personnel to plan, schedule, and implement QCP related activities. Mr. Cooper monitors, informs, communicates, and applies all standards created/maintained by OSHA, FEMA, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and integrate these within internal quality management systems.

In addition to vegetative maintenance and disaster recovery projects, he has hands-on experience relating to general construction. Mr. Cooper is integrally involved with each and every project. He has completed Erosion and Sediment Control Responsible Land Disturber, Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control Technician, Basic Zone Traffic Control Technician, First Aid and CPR certifications. Mr. Cooper personally interviews and assembled the South East Mowing, LLC team, selecting highly-qualified individuals with wide-ranging experience, proven expertise, known reliability, and a firm commitment to excellent service


Senior Operations Manager of South East Mowing serves as the Assistant and right hand-man to Dustin Cooper. David Cooper has over thirty (30) years of experience in the construction industry relative to vegetative maintenance, disaster recovery, pre-disaster planning, coal mining as well as the logging industry. Mr. Cooper oversees estimating, project management and coordination, including contract negotiation, subcontract preparation, and expense, budget control, and assists in the development of Pre-Event contracts and operational planning. He has specialized experience in supervision, coordination, and management on a senior level for all operational activities of vegetative maintenance/hurricane relief efforts including debris management, removal and disposal, right of way mowing, litter removal and other services. David Cooper is a respected leader and team-builder.